Recovery and improvement work after decommission recovery operation at a cramming school in Saitama city(Second part)

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The construction site example which we are introducing and explaining this time is, the continuing of the last time.


We explained the entire decommission work operation last time.


The point of decommission work

The important point to execute decommission work is, it is indispensable to plan and evaluate adequately in advance, and receive an advice from experts.

In order to secure safety, it is necessary to consider to install appropriate safety equipment, to select instruments and tools・maintenance, and to minimize vibration and noise influence in the environment.

In addition, we also consider to treat waste and environmental influence, to correspond in an emergency, and securecommunication without fail.

to carry out to dispose waste, to consider the environmental influence, to correspond in emergency, and to secure communication without fail.

Finally, always prioritizing the site workers safety and trying best to strengthen to prevent accident and safety consciousness are required.


Then, we are explaining today’s content, which is regarding repair and restoration work.




Repair and restoration work



Particularly, returning the suffered facility and environment to the original state, and making it to re-useable situation by repair, mending, reconstruction and other operation are included.


As for the purpose of repair and restoration work, early return from devastated living, returning infrastructure function, minimizing economic loss, and to protect environmental and cultural values, and so on are raised.


As the specific contents, repair and mending of building and facility damaged areas, repair and restoration of facility, recovery of road and bridge, reconstruction of public facility, and so on are included.

Besides, repair and restoration work is carried out, starting from urgent emergent measures, depending on the damaged degree, then throughout a series of process of decision of repair and restoration plan, material procurement, execution of work operation, up to completion test.


Repair and restoration work is highly complex depending on disaster stricken areas and state, so it often becomes an operation which may require much labor. However, by quick and appropriate execution, it will contribute life reconstruction to those who were stricken by disaster and society recovery.


Repair and restoration work this time is pointed to be a work of making a building and facility resulting from an accident of water leak, breakage and other reason damaged, to restore due to breakage reason, to restore to the original function and state.


Repair and restoration work due to building water leak is pointed to be, a work operation of evaluating its damaged reason and influence in detail, and doing appropriate repair and improvement firstly, then recovering building safety and function.




With above in mind, we are explaining the continuation of construction site example of decommission, repair and restoration work.


Construction site example

Site location: a whole floor of tenant building, Higashi-urawa, Midori ward, Saitama city, Saitama prefecture


Repair and restoration work contents


We re-use the existing LGS (=light gauge steel) foundation as it is as much as possible and execute construction.

We execute foundation by LGS at repair and mending place, and newly making partition wall place.


Concurrently with LGS foundation work, we execute boards where we can use it at the existing place.

We stick on new Gyptone at the ceiling, and stick on gypsum board on the wall, then do  putty treatment for sticking on so-called decorative cloth.

We stick on so-called decorative cloth for finishing, and newly spread vinyl chloride tile on the floor.


We confirm LGS foundation and the drawing.


After that, we move in the materials, and repair and improve LGS, then stick on boards.

Firstly, we start from sticking gypsum board on the wall.




We stick on Gyptone at the ceiling, and install electric light and so on.



We do putty treatment on the board, and do so-called decorative cloth sticking work.

Concurrently, we go on sticking vinyl chloride tile on the floor.




In this repair and restoration work construction site example, based on painstaking plan and careful procedure, we challenged to the repair and remending work.


By specialized technique and experience of『Kikuchi Souken Co.,Ltd.』, we certainly execute every step of repair and restoration work, so we are always striving to execute our construction to put our customer’s safety and satisfaction as the top priority.

Please continue to expect our effort of pursuing reliability and quality.


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