Stylish design construction work

We are doing construction of「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」 at Ikebukuro area at the midpoint, also in all over Kanto area for you.




Today, we are explaining from a stylish design construction work site.

We can reproduce any shape with LGS(=light gauge steel).

If you have particular design in mind or so as your request, please be sure to give us your inquiry.


Then, that is all for today.


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From price offer to construction work finishing, our company is directly managing all by ourselves, so we are supplying more reasonable at price, and high quality and better products to you.


Of course, we do not mind at all if you compare our offer price with others, as we welcome it.

「Which construction company should I ask to work? How much is the construction work cost? and so on.」

Besides above also, we are waiting for your questions.


『Office/shop and store/warehouse moving』, interior restoration work, reform work(interior finishing work) and so on.

Please feel free to give us your inquiry, at the first place.





★If you look for interior finishing company, ask for Kikuchi Souken Company Limited.★

★If you also look for office restoration work in Tokyo, ask Kikuchi Souken Company Ltd.★

Our address: 〒171-0014 4th floor, Musashiya No.3 Building, 62-10, 2-chome, Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5985-4252

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