Construction site example|Partition wall work of tenant repairing decorative work at a hot yoga studio in Nakahara ward, Kawasaki city

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What we are introducing and explaining this time is, a continuing site example of interior decorative work at a hot yoga studio in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture.


The content of request is, partition wall work.


In the space of residence, commercial facility, and so on, as the effective space utilization and part of designing, partition wall work is being drawn by people’s attention.

This time, as to what is「partition wall work」, by focusing on its features and advantages, we are introducing and explaining them with a construction site example.



The outlines of partition wall work

Partition wall work is, a work of dividing a large space according to its necessity, and for making the areas which have different functions and usages.

Usually, partition wall is utilized not only by the wall surface, but also by glass, hanging door, movable partition, and so on too.

With these, it is possible to flexibly change the ways of using space.


The features of partition wall work


Flexible space utilization

Because we can divide the space by partition wall as required, naturally we can change the ways of using space to match the various usages, such as event space, office area, living room, and so on.


Freedom degree of designing

There are various partition wall materials and its designs.

You can select one from wood, glass, metal, acrylic, and so on to fit in with your preference and usage, so you can create special atmosphere in the space.


The advantages of partition wall work


Securing privacy

If you would like to secure privacy, partition wall is useful.

By expressing private room feeling, it is possible to do a work operation which requires brain concentration and securing private time.


Producing open space

On the contrary, chances are that, while keeping open atmosphere, you may require to divide it too.

By adopting glass partition or open design, it is possible to divide the area, while also keeping visual connection.


The kinds of partition wall


Hanging door and sliding door

Hanging doors and sliding doors which are fixed to the wall surface are very space saving when they are not used.

It is a well usable dividing method at a living room and a shop, store, and so on.


Movable partition

When dividing a large space, a movable partition is used.

When it is folded, it can be eliminated from the existence as a wall. However, when it is required to use, then a large space can be resumed.


The points of partition wall work


Selection to match its usage

We select partition wall materials and design by its used space and purpose.

If durability and temperature retaining property are required, then use wood. And if transparency is required, then use glass and so on, let’s consider the function and the balance!


Planning before construction and designing

Before installing a partition wall, a careful planning is required.

By grasping the characteristics of used space, the way of using, and design concept. Then, based on it, let’s plan its construction plan!



Construction site example

The following is a construction site example of a shop (hot yoga studio) in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture.


Its work period is about 4 days, and the work content is, newly making a partition wall in the resting room.

The partition wall here, is the one which we sticked gypsum board on LGS(=light gauge steel) backing, and we sticked so-called decorative cloth.


Construction site picture



Entire picture





LGS backing mounting




While confirming the wall size written on the drawing, we mark on the ceiling and the floor.

With marking, we assemble and mount the backing by LGS, and we fix runner partial materials to match the line.

LGS backing mounting is duly made, then we stick on gypsum board (incombustible board).

※If sound insulating performance is required, we sometimes stick on gypsum bord of different thickness or sound insulating sheet too.



Partition wall work plays a big role both of effective using of space and designing.

There are flexible ways of using it and freedom degree of design. So, it can cope with various needs, from securing privacy to creating open atmosphere.

Partition wall material (namely, the wall material mounted this time by LGS) is a material whose designability is required, and it is also being used the most.

Its sound insulating property is high (equal to steel partition), and because it is made at the site, R shape wall and 凸凹shape wall(niche) can be made too.

As you can choose various finishing materials, such as so-called decorative cloth・painting・tile・wooden panel and so on, so please be sure to consult these as your reference by all means!


By planned induction and design contrivance, it is possible for partition wall to add new charm and functionality to space.


We are able to correspond construction works on making interior decoration widely from partition wall to entire renewal.

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