Repair construction work

Hello! We are Kikuchi Souken Company Limited.

We are doing construction of「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」mainly  for you in all over Kanto area.


Recently, there has been a lot of news coming in, however we are taking care of our health in our job.


Today, we did repair work for a convenience store.

If we sum repair work up briefly, it is a restoring work of the room to the originally finished level as much as possible, also including visually.

Therefore, we do the work by using the materials which are the same as the original ones or similar ones.


There is life expectancy for a building, so as aging and external factor or so, it may be deteriorated or shortcomings may occur.

To the building or part of the building, facility, components and the like, we repair or change, then we do restoring work to realize the situation to enable its performances and function of which applicable to be used without hindrance.


That is all for today.


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From price offer to construction finishing, our company is directly managing by ourselves, omitting our needles cost in-between. So we are supplying more reasonable and better products to you.


Of course, we do not mind at all if you compare our offer price with others, as we welcome it.

‘’Which construction company should I ask to work? How much is the construction cost?  and so on.’’

Besides above also, we are waiting for your questions.


『Office/shop and store/warehouse moving』, interior restoration work, reform work(interior finishing work) and so on.

Please feel free to contact us in the first place.



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