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Hello, everyone! This is Kikuchi Souken Company Limited website.

Our company office is based at Ikebukuro,Toshima ward,Tokyo, in all over Kanto area, executing construction work, taking in charge of 《Interior decorative finishing work》《Recovery and restoration work》, for you.


Today, we are explaining a construction work site example at a nail salon of para-gel specialty shop named‘Bell flower’’ which we previously executed construction work.


★Salon of which entertaining idols also speak very highly★

Our boasting point is, space of glassed-in open feeling♪

In spite of fixed price, the shop design is too cute!

Our shop has full of refined taste items such as imported glitters, stones and the like.

You can enjoy trend nailing while maintaining your own nail health at our para-gel specialty shop.

We have credible technicality as para-gel specialty shop.

From subway C6 exit, Ikebukuro west, you can easily find our shop location at only 30 seconds walking distance.

Please be sure to come and experience our shop once at least.


Then, we are explaining our construction work detail as below.


Construction work kind: renovation decorative work

Construction work site location: 4th floor, 2-chome, 5-10, Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo

Construction work period: about two days

Construction work detail: As the customers’ requests are changing layout, making single room, wall paper cloth and floor cloth alteration and so on, after demolishing original layout work operation, we executed construction work of making partition wall for wide single room, re-sticking pink cloth(=wall paper), re-sticking floor cloth, and repairing wall work, and so on.


We are explaining as follows by extracting partly.


The following is the picture before renovation.

For renovation, we go on doing demolition work operation at first.

After demolition work operation, we tidy up and make partition wall and single room.

Then we go on executing sticking wall and floor cloth.

We borrowed the above work finished picture after installing miscellaneous goods.

In the above picture, our construction work is finished as stylish interior decoration.

Please try to pay a visit to the actual interior decoration site situation.


Above are all for our explanation this time.


If you would like to be particular about interior decoration, if you are in haste, if you would like to obtain our quotation and compare with others. if you are worried to open new shop op store, if you are not Japanese thinking of opening new shop or store in Japan (we can also communicate in English, mandarin Chinese and Korean), for anyone, please give us your relative inquiry light heartedly!



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From price quotation up to construction finishing work completion, our company is directly managing and doing actual construction work by ourselves, So we are supplying 「more reasonable and low at price, with high quality and good products」 to you.


Please feel free to compare our quotation price with other plural offer prices.

We welcome your comparing our price quotation with others.

「Which construction company should I ask for work? How much is approximate work cost? and so on.」

Office renewal・shop or store redecorating・restoration work・reform work(interior decorative work) and so on.

Please feel free to give us your inquiry in the first place light heartedly, as we are waiting for your contact to us.

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