On woodwork | Introducing and explaining it with wooden carpentry site example pictures at Komazawa, Setagaya ward

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What we are introducing and explaining this time is,


「On woodwork」


Woodwork is one of the very important skills as an interior decorative contractor.

Woodwork is a kind of skill to be able to process wooden material and make beautiful decoration and furniture.


This time, from an interior decorative contractor’s viewpoint, we would like to explain woodwork.


Kinds of woodwork


There are various kinds of woodwork.

We are introducing typical woodworks at first.


・Making carpentry furniture

・Making fixture(door, window, and so on)

・Panel processing of ceiling, wall, floor

・Making storage furniture(closet, shelf, drawer)

・Constructing wooden flooring

・Making wooden handrail, shelf


On these woodworks, we will select the most suitable materials an processing method, while comprehending the customer’s requests and considering the design and functionality.


How to select materials

For an interior decorative contractor, how to select materials is a very important thing.

There are various kinds of wooden materials, and according to each material quality and characteristics, its processing method and using purpose are different.


For example, solid, strong and little distorting materials are required for making fixture.

While, for storage furniture, the materials putting importance on durability and beauty are suitable.


It is important for an interior decorative contractor to select materials to meet the customer’s request and purpose.

In addition, when selecting materials, it is also necessary to consider the price, supply volume and environment.


The flowing of woodwork

We are under-mentioning a general procedure of interior decorative contractor’s flowing of woodwork.


  1. Interviewing and listening to the customer’s requests and purpose.
  2. Selecting materials and issuing quotation.
  3. Writing design drawing.
  4. Cutting materials and processing.
  5. Painting and executing finishing treatment, if required.
  6. Moving in the site, and installing, fixing.
  7. Final checking, and handing it to the customer.


※Point to be noted:

It is necessary to do the work operation safely, to be careful of the tool usage and so on.

We are introducing the important points particularly as follows:

・When using tools such as saw, hammer, drill and so on, it is necessary to definitely mount safety equipment, and do work operation safely.

・It is important to select the suitable processing method and do the work operation, according to the wood kind and use.

・It is necessary to be careful of the wooden materials after processing, as they are easily hurt or lack the corner or edge.

Besides, when painting or doing finishing treating too, it is necessary to be careful to paint evenly.

・When installing or fixing it, it is important to use level, measure and so on to precisely position.

・Woodwork operation may require long time. As the meeting with the customer for supplying materials and so on may also take time, it is necessary to confirm the construction period in advance.



Introducing construction site example pictures

We executed construction of a signboard and wooden bench carpentry woodwork at a tenant in Setagaya ward.


Firstly, starting from a signboard woodwork picture:



①Starting from demolishing the existing signboard



②Newly base bedding construction by plywood



③After sticking base bedding plywood, we further stick on it



④Sticking wood board on the base bedding.



⑤After finishing final sticking, we install the outer surroundings.



⑥After finish putting on the outer frame, we paint logo and others



That is all for our signboard woodwork.


Next is our wooden bench construction example site pictures.



①Present state



②Constructing base bedding(plywood)



③Making wooden bench carpentry



④Constructing wooden bench



⑤Construction completed





For an interior decorative contractor, woodwork is one of the very important skills.

Comprehending customer’s requests, selecting suitable materials, processing and installing precisely are required.

By doing safe work operation, and finishing politely with enough time, it is possible to make a beautiful interior decoration and furniture.


Our company is making buildings, furniture, and so on by using wooden materials for our customers.

As for our issuing quotation, by considering the contents to meet the customer’s requests, we will offer a suitable plan as much as possible.

Please give us your relative inquiry in the first place.


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