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This time, we are explaining rock wool sound absorbing board which we also treated in our blog several times.


What is rock wool sound absorbing board?

A picture quoted from Yoshino Gypsum Co.Ltd., Japan official website products homepage.


Rock wool sound absorbing board is a board material mainly used for ceiling.

It is also called 「rock wool decorative board」.


Its raw material is basalt(a volcanic rock), and a kind of thing from lime and slag generated by iron-making process which are melted by high temperature, then made fibrously just like cotton candy.


Consequently, rock wool as heat insulating material for inserting covering, not decorative board, resembles its appearance and features with glass wool. Its heat insulating property and sound absorbing property are high, and incombustibility is high too.

Leaving high performances of heat insulating property, sound absorbing property and incombustibility as they are, a product processed for decorative board material without usually necessary separate finishing is「rock wool sound absorbing board(rock wool decorative board)」.


Features of rock wool sound absorbing board


  • Incombustibility is high.
  • There is sound absorbing property.
  • It also excels in heat insulating property.
  • Compared with gypsum board, it is more fragile, so its mainstream use is inconspicuous sticking(double sticking).


Incombustibility is high.


The reason for often selected as interior decorative material is raised as its high incombustibility.

In case, rock wool sound absorbing board should be about to catching fire outbreak or so, it is difficult to spread fire or conducting heat.


There is sound absorbing property.


Literally as its name too, as ceiling material, the biggest feature is high sound absorbing property.

Because of called「porous」of countless opened hole material, it will absorb sound and convert it to heat energy .


Therefore, when it comes which to choose it or visually resembling decorative gypsum board, if selecting higher performance of sound absorbing property, then rock wool heat absorbing board is often choosed.


It also excels in heat insulating property.


As its raw material is rock wool, heat insulating property is also high.

If it excels in heat insulating property, it is also becoming air-conditioning cost saving.


Compared with gypsum board, it is more fragile, so its mainstream use is inconspicuous sticking (double sticking).


Basically, rock wool sound absorbing board is inconspicuous sticking work method (sticking gypsum board in advance, then executing work of sticking rock wool sound absorbing board on it). For that reason, construction work period should be fully considered with the intention of sticking two sheets of ceiling board material.


The main reason is, because its structural strength is weaker compared with gypsum board.


However, there is an unnecessary inconspicuous direct sticking work method type nowadays too.


As it may lead to shorten work period, and weight lightening ceiling, the abovementioned demerit has been solved.


As it seems that filled situation, adopting conditions and so on should depend on work site situations, when it comes to actually consider to request construction work, we recommend you to check with thre relative work company.


Difference from decorative gypsum board


There is a typical product of rock wool sound absorbing board of「Solatone」manufactured by Yoshino Gypsum Co. Ltd., Japan.


Its product has opened holes on the surface of several pattern kinds, so it can be selected  according to suitable atmosphere.



There is「Gyptone」produced by the same manufacturer which is often easily compared with.

Gyptone is done decorative finishing on gypsum board, so-called one of 「decorated gypsum board」.

As its finishing is already done, just sticking and is soon completed work. So, it can shorten construction work period, which is a convenient ceiling material.

ジプトーン参考画像 弊社施工

Picture of Gyptone construction work on the way(ceiling). Travertine pattern is 「drawn」on Gyptone.




Situation of Solatone construction work on the way. At the hole near the center, wire is inserted, Solatone actually has hole, not pattern.



As we plainly explain the difference as follows:


  • Decorated gypsum board is made of gypsum, and rock wool sound absorbing board is made of rock wool.
  • Decorated gypsum board excels in sound insulating property, and rock wool sound absorbing board excels in sound absorbing property.
  • As for strength, it also depends on thickness and product feature, however, decorated gypsum board usually excels better.
  • If「decorative gypsum board」as its whole meaning should be compared, decorated gypsum board has more variations.
  • Pricewise, decorated gypsum board is lower.


Judging from above, it can be said that decorated gypsum board excels in kinds, strength, and price, while, rock wool sound absorbing board (Solatone) excels in the points of sound absorbing property and heat insulating property.


Impressive「Travertine pattern」is depicted on Gyptone too. So, it may be difficult to tell from Solatone (rock wool sound absorbing board) at a glance.

However, Gyptone is a pattern, while rock wool sound absorbing board actually has hole on the surface, which can be said to be the biggest difference.


※As a supplement, there is a kind of Gyptone product of 「Tiger Squaretome・D plus」, which is exceptionally has hole too, whose sound absorbing property is added.

Picture of Squaretone・D plus (peripheral area)


Gyptone which relatively better in cost viewpoint, when it comes to comparing from the viewpoint of sound absorbing property, rock wool sound absorbing board is often preferred.





We so far roughly have explained rock wool sound absorbing board as above.

We are very happy if you understand relative basic features more than a little from our above explanation.


  • Rock wool sound absorbing board is a kind of ceiling material of rock wool system as raw material.
  • Rock wool is a heat insulating material whose raw materials are volcanic rock and slag generated from iron manufacturing.
  • It excels in sound absorbing property, heat insulating property, and incombustibility, so same as gypsum board, it is one of often used construction work materials.




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