【Interior decorative construction work-board work】Explaining GL(=gypsum lining) construction method (with actual construction situation)

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This time, among construction work sites which we executed in the past,
we are explaining an example which we adopted GL construction method, or had been adopted the method in the past.


During our brief explanation of GL construction work method,
we will also explain it with actual work site pictures.



What is GL construction method?


By GL construction method, applying GL bond (explain later) on the wall surface on the way.



GL construction method is, pointed to be「directly sticking gypsum board」construction method.


When originally sticking gypsum board on the wall, it is necessary to do work process of,

assembling and mounting bedding→driving small screw or nail into the gypsum board and sticking(fixing).



However, only on the concrete surface, by applying a special bond(called GL bond),
it can directly stick the board, which is GL construction method.


GL工事とは? こちらは通常の下地を組んで施工された例

This picture is not GL construction method, after assembling and mounting normal light gauge steel bedding, executing gypsum board situation. Usually, mounting wooden・light gauge steel or other bedding material, then we go on sticking board material.



Then, by adopting GL construction method,
we are explaining what kind of merits・demerits there are.




Merits・demerits of GL construction method



  • It becomes unnecessary to mount bedding work operation, and shortens construction work period.
  • As shortening construction work period=less cost, it can be finished fast and inexpensive.
  • As it becomes needless of the thickness・area to mount bedding, it can take the room space widely.




  • It cannot be executed construction except on concrete surface.
  • It is not advisable to execute construction at the humid concrete surface too.
  • As there is not air space made by mounting bedding, sound insulating performance goes down.
  • It can be only executed on the wall. Construction on the ceiling or floor is not possible.
  • As there is not bedding material, it becomes impossible to hide piping・wiring.



On merits:

It can be pointed that as it becomes unnecessary to mount wooden or light gauge steel bedding,
construction work period can be shortened,
construction work cost and material cost can be also cut down,
is finished fast and inexpensive.


GL construction method work operation procedure is,
flattening construction surface 凸凹firstly. After removing dust, we apply primer painting.


Primer painting is pointed to be a painting
in order to fix and not peeled off
including GL construction method painting or so.


After that, just before executing construction, we knead up GL bond, and go on applying bond by using tongs like plasterer work at a certain interval.

We go on pressing gypsum board on that, and stick it. In order to finish evenly, we apply bond. As a knack is required to stick the board, work skill is necessary.


(Please look at a picture of applying bond at the top of this article.)




However, it is still possible to shorten work period and cut down cost.
As it is needless to mount wooden or light gauge steel bedding, it becomes a big merit.


Furthermore, it becomes unnecessary to mount bedding.
The room can be taken widely to be able to directly stick the board on concrete surface.



On demerits:

For GL construction method, a special paste called GL bond is used for construction.
It is not easy sometimes to fix it. So, where it is humid, it is supposed that it should not to be adopted.


As bond cannot be fixed except on the concrete surface,
there is some walls which cannot be used such as wood,
sand wall and so on which is flat though.



By mounting bedding, air space is made between concrete or so body surface and board material.
(In the case of inserting heat insulating materials, it is with heat insulating material space)
In the case of pressing concrete GL construction method,
air space is not made, so sound insulating performance goes down.


As it is said that it may still be seen in old residence,
in the present multiple-dwelling complex dividing wall
(wall connecting other room surface),
it is also thought that GL construction method should not be executed.


In any case, the fact is that sound insulating property would be lost in GL construction work method.


As it may be an extra, in the case of enhancing sound insulating property in the wall as much as possible,
it can be said that it is an effective method to make wall such as
by placing book shelf on the surface, or installing porous board and so on.


It is one of the demerits that it
can be only executed construction on the wall surface too.


In GL construction method, it is possible to finish by strengthening the board for ordinal use.
But, it not possible to use it for hanging goods, heavy ceiling,
or floor which should endure person weight or heavy weight goods.


In the case of installing big size monitor or the like on the wall surface,
we think that it may be better to prevent from using it too.


If you are not sure if there is enough strength to support it,
we suggest you to ask possible contractors in the process
of inquiring or investigating at the site・requesting quotation.


In GL construction method, we directly stick gypsum board on the concrete surface.
Instead of bedding space becoming unnecessary and the room can be taken widely,
it becomes impossible to hide wiring・piping between wood・light gauge steel bedding.




Normal light gauge steel bedding used construction situation. It is possible to make wiring space between concrete surface. As it is directly sticked on concrete surface, this space will not be occurred in GL construction method.







We so far explained GL construction method, with its merits・demerits。


We have taken up a lot of demerits. However, it seems that you should be careful for
the above-mentioned points by all means.


However, if only the required point・place are satisfied,
it can be executed construction fast and less costly,
which can be said a very big merit.


As the warehouse close to storage or a surface of narrow tenant property or so,
there are many being used・adopted places,
when executing repair and recovery construction at those places or so,
if you remember that「there may be such construction method」,
which will make us happy.



●GL construction method is, a kind of construction method to apply special bond on concrete surface, then directly stick gypsum board.


●By GL construction method, it is not possible to execute except at the ceiling・floor・concrete wall.



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