What is interior decorative work? | Importance of interior decorative work in the construction

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We are introducing and explaining today,

In the construction project, even if the appearance should be satisfactory, if its internal is not functional, then we cannot say that it is a perfect thing.

Taking charge of this internal finishing work is「interior decorative work」.

This time, we consolidate the base and its importance of interior decorative work in the construction in detail.




What is interior decorative work?

Interior decorative work is pointed to be a work of decorating・finishing building and facility internals.

Particularly, floor・wall・ceiling finishing, installing facility, installing lightings・wirings and others are included.

In contrast with exterior decoration as building face, interior decoration plays an important role for the user to create space to lead a daily life.



Interior decorative work kinds

There are various kinds of interior decorative work.

Depending on dwelling house, commercial facility, office building and so on, different specifications and designs are required by each usage.

The following are main kinds of interior decorative work:


  • Laying floor material
    Carpet, flooring, tile, and so on, selecting floor material and laying are included.
  • Sticking decorative cloth on the wallceiling
    Sticking so-called decorative cloth on the wall and ceiling and painting, then finishing beautifully.
  • Installing equipment
    Installing the kitchen, toilet, washroom and other equipment, and constructing a functional space.
  • Lightingswiring work
    Installing lightinggs and electric wiring, and creating bright and easy to use environment.



Importance of interior decorative work


Interior decorative work plays an important role on the following points: not only


・Going up comfortability
Good interior decoration goes up comfortability of those who live in and those who work in. appropriate floor materials and lightings reduce stress in daily life.


・Securing functionality
By installing appropriate layout and equipment, building and facility functionality are secured. This is especially important in commercial facilities such as office, shop and store.


・Expressing design
Interior decoration is a way of expressing building design and environment too. Individualistic and charming interior decoration becomes the building’s features.



Progressing procedure of interior decorative work


We progress interior decorative work by various processes.

The general progressing processes are as follows:


1.Designing and meeting

In the first place, we design the interior decoration work.
According to the building usage and the budget, we do designing and select materials.
We also have a meeting with thecustomer to confirm the requirements and changing points.


2.Decommissioning work

If an old interior decoration exits, we do its decommissioning work.
By doing this, we can secure new interior decorative construction space.


3.Basic work

We make wall and floor foundation, and do basic work to support interior decoration such as electric・water supply and drainage piping and other work.


4.Finishing work

We do actual interior decorative finishing work, such as sticking so-called decorative cloth, painting, laying floor material, installing facilities, and others.

At this time, it may be possible to receive guidance from architecture designer and interior decorative designer.


5.Inspection and confirmation

After completing the construction, we do inspection if the interior decorative work is progressing as planned.


6.Passing the site to the customer or property owner

After passing the inspection, the building is turned over to the owner.
Hereby, interior decorative work is officially completed.


Trend and technical innovation of interior decorative work


Interior decorative design trend is always changing, so the newest technology and materials are introduced.

For example, using recycled materials which sustainability was considered, and building in smart home system is increasing.

By taking in these factors, betterment of environmental consideration and convenience is planned to do.


Interior decorative work budget cost management

Interior decorative work budget differs greatly according to its building usage, design, material selection and so on.

Budget setting and cost management at the early step of project are important.

By managing appropriate budge, while eliminating waste, we can also realize high quality interior decoration.



Interior decorative work in the construction is, an indispensable factor to finish up building and facility to perfect thing.

By pursuing not only beautiful appearance, but also pursuing functionality and comfort, we can provide highly satisfactory space to the user.

By going ahead carefully from the planning stage, and introducing the newest trend and technology, it is possible to realize more charming and sustainable interior decoration.

As an appropriate management of budget also becomes a key for success, it is important to go ahead systematically.

In architecture project, it is an important factor to pay enough attention to interior decorative work too.


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