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Today, we think we are introducing and explaining a following theme, which has been highly getting attention recently,


Wood wool cement board】                             


In recent years, on construction of dwelling house and building (shop or store), a demand of construction materials which has both of sustainability and durability has been going up.

Among them, what is getting high attention is「wood wool cement board」.


In this blog, we are explaining features, advances, and construction site example of wood wool cement board in detail.



Wood wool cement board: quoted from Daiwa construction material industry Co.,Ltd. homepage



What is wood wool cement board?


Wood wool cement board is a construction material whose main components are wooden chips (wood wool) and cement, which are compressed and heat processed, thus made.

By this process, while having natural appearance and wooden warmness, it can be eventually made a board material with excellent durability and fire resisting property.



Features of wood wool cement board

What can be raised as the features of wood wool cement board are:


1.Heat resisting property

Wood wool cement board has very high fire resisting property, so there is resistance against firebreakdown.

This characteristic is important for enhancing building safety.



Wood wool cement board has weather resisting property, so it has much tolerance against corrosion and humidity.

Therefore, it can be also used outdoors and high humid places.


3.Heat insulating property

Wood wool cement board is excellent in heat insulating property, so it constantly maintains temperature in the building.

It contributes to enhancing energy efficiency.


4.Sound absorbing property

Wood wool cement board is possible to be applied to wide range of sound absorbing property, by changing thickness or surface processing, used as composite board and so on.


5.Natural appearance

Wood wool cement board has wooden texture, and provides natural beauty.

Therefore, when using it for interior decoration and decoration of building outside, it can also realize beautiful finishing result.



There are features which are excellent in various performances.




Usages of wood wool cement board


Wood wool cement board is being used for various usages as follows:


  • Building exterior decorative work: It is used for outdoor wall and roof, so it can realize appearance with both of durability and beautiful sight.
  • Interior decorative work: It is used for interior decorative wall and ceiling, so it will arrange natural atmosphere.
  • Fireproofing partition: As fire protection wall and partition, it enhances building safety.
  • Floor material: It is also used for floor material, so it provides durability and beautiful sight.
  • Furniture: Wood wool cement board is also suitable for making furniture, so it is possible to realize original design.


It can be used for various scenes(works), so its originality is high.



The kinds of woodwool cement board

There are various kinds of wood wool cement board for matching different usages and characteristics.

We are introducing general kinds of wood wool cement board and their materials as follows:


  • Standard wood wool cement board

This is a general wood wool cement board, and its main components are wood wool and cement. It is used for general usage.

It has fire resistance property and durability, so is used for various places such as building exterior decoration, interior decoration, floor material, fire resistance wall, and so on.


  • Heat insulating wood wool cement board

For this type of wood wool cement board, heat insulating material is used, so heat insulating property is enhanced.

It is mainly used as heat insulating material for wall and roof, so it is related to go up energy efficiency.


  • Moisture proofing wood wool cement board

High moisture resistance wood wool cement board is suitable for using at humid places.

It is used as wall materials at high humid parts such as bathroom, kitchen, and so on.


  • Sound proofing wood wool cement board

This type of wood wool cement board excels in acoustic character, so it plays a role of absorbing and blocking sound.

It is used in the places where acoustic environment is important such as acoustic chamber rooms, studios, theaters, hotels, and so on.


  • Decorative cement board

Various finishings and patterns are executed on decorative wood wool cement board which excels in decorative property.

It enhances beautiful sights of interior decoration and building exterior decoration, and it is used for adding accent in the design.


  • Fire resistance wood wool cement board

Furthermore, wood wool cement bord having high fire resistance property also exists.

It is used at the places with fire risk and for fire protection wall, so it enhances building safety.


Above theses are a part of general wood wool cement board, and there exit various kinds of wood wool cement board.


When selecting suitable wood wool cement board to match the work needs and its environment, it is important to consider its characteristic and property.

Please talk with relative work special contractor and their manufacturers.






Construction method                                                               


We are explaining construction method of wood wool cement board.

Judging from the characteristics of wood wool cement board, it is being used for various scenes such as building exterior decoration, interior decoration, floor and so on.

The following is a guide line of general construction method. Specifically, we recommend you to receieve a specialist’s guidance.



Necessary instruments, tools and materials

Before starting construction, we will prepare the following instruments, tools and materials.

Instruments, tools:

  • Electric drill
  • Screw gun or hand screw driver
  • Measure and compass
  • File (If necessary)
  • Nipper
  • Goggles, mask, glove (safety instrument)



  • Wood wool cement board
  • Wood work use screw
  • Bond (wood wool cement board use)
  • Sealing material (If necessary)
  • Paint or sealant (If used for finishing)



Construction procedure


Firstly, before starting operation work, we should take safety measures.

During operation work, we should be careful of safety. Let’s wear appropriate safety goods such as goggles, masks, gloves and so on.


Preparation of ground

  • We clean the ground where will be constructed neatly, then arrange flattened and even situation.
  • We consider to spread moisture proof sheet on the wall and floor ground, and protect wood wool cement board against moisture.


Cutting wood wool cement board:

  • We cut the wood wool cement board to match the necessary size.
    By using measure and compass, we measure the precise dimension, then do marking.



  • We will install the wood wool cement board on the ground.
    By using electric drill, we will fix the wood wool cement board.
    As to the screw hole place, let’s do marking in advance.
  • We can also adhere wood wool cement board om the ground by using bond.
    In this case, screw fixer may be used together too.



  • After completed construction, we will fill the gap by using sealant, if necessary, to improve waterproof property and moisture proofing property.
  • As for finishing, we will consider to apply painting and sealant, then it is possible to make it visually beautiful and improve its durability.



【Point to note】

  • Wood wool cement board is relatively light weight. However, when you lift up a big panel, you should be careful.
    Please do that with plural persons or use an appropriate machine.
  • As wood wool cement board may generate powder dust, in that case, it is necessary to ventilate and use protection goods during work operation.
  • Pleas confirm to obey the construction standard and safety regulation of the building without fail.
    It is possible to execute wood wool cement board construction effectively by obeying the above-mentioned procedure.


However, please talk with the specialist depending on its work scale and complexity.




Construction site example of wood wool cement board



The above picture is an example of office construction site at Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo.

Starting from ground work to interior decorative finishing, we executed a work upon request of interior decorative work.

The work result became a chic design office and became a finishing feature with flood of originality.

The visual design of wood wool cement board here looks like cement texture tone wall. The work period was also shortened, which let the customer very happy.





As a nature and durability harmonized construction material, wood wool cement board is gathering various attention.

Because of its characteristics and various usages, it can be said a valued material on its construction and design.

How about considering to use wood wool cement board for construction work such as interior decorative work and so on by all means?


As for your request of wood wool cement board in interior decorative work, please give us your inquiry light heartedly!





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