What is「Interior construction finishing work」

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Hello!This is Kikuchi Souken Company Limited website.

We are doing construction work of 「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」mainly at Ikebukuro area, also in all over Kanto area, for you.


Winter wind sinks deeply in our minds.


Then, we are explaining, What is interior finishing work? today.

There are various works about interior finishing works, which we do not understand clearly, aren’t there?






In the first place, What is「Interior finishing work」?

After frame is completed, 「Interior finishing work」means the construction works(construction work of equipment・decoration) carried out inside buildings.

Detailed examples are, partition wall, mounting of steel bedding, cloth work, painting work, wooden fixture work, ceiling finishing work, sound insulating work, and so on, as mainly itemized. As for shop and store, we also call it up to details including equipment work.


Construction work is, the work of making the building itself from its sheer start. There are newly construction work/additional or extension construction work/reconstruction work.

The difference between construction work and interior finishing work is whether constructing from zero(nothing exists) or not.


As for interior finishing work, it is a work of mainly constructing building inside, such as building and commercial facility and the like.

The different points between construction work and interior finishing work are, whether to build from zero(from nothing exists), or not.

In the case of interior finishing work is, working inside mainly such as buildings and commercial facility, and the like.


In addition, as there are a lot of different work contractors between construction work and interior finishing work, so let us not confuse each others.



Re-covering of peeled off wall and hurt floor and the like is also a part of interior finishing work.

The objects of interior finishing work not only are newly built building, but also are repair and maintenance of already built building. Characteristically, it also supports wide variety of buildings such as commercial facilities and housing or office buildings.


The importance of interior finishing work

Interior finishing work not only changes interior atmosphere in a room, but also possibly enhances odor eliminating effect and others by regularly maintenance of changing re-covering walls.


Moreover, in the case of interior finishing work of shop and store, there are expectations of enhancing better impression effect or so from customers.

For displaying better appearance of goods, changing of interior, or alteration of lightening and so on is also an important role of interior finishing work.

For creating better environment for customers’ usage, we may be able to say that interior finishing work is a very important work.


The point to reduce cost of interior finishing work

For reducing cost of interior finishing work, it is important to request price quotations to various contractors, and compare its construction work details and cost.

Variety of construction work finishing atmosphere depends on every interior finishing contractor which matches your ideal. While price and service cost are also different each other.

There may be some materials and the like for using , materials and the like especially excelling in odor eliminating・bacteria eliminating・sound isolating, which is also newly made.

By comparing and reviewing own acceptable construction work details・price, you may be able to omit unnecessary service cost, which may be going to the point.of cost saving.


From price offer to construction work finishing, our company is directly managing by ourselves, so we are supplying 「more reasonable and high quality and good products」 to you.

Please do not hesitate to compare several contractors’ offer prices. We do not mind at all if you compare our offer price with other company’s, as we welcome it.

「Which construction company should I ask to work? How much is the approximate construction work cost? and so on.」

Office renewal, shop or store refurnishing・interior restoration work, reform work(interior finishing work) and so on.

Please feel free to give us your inquiry in the first place.


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