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Our company office is based at Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo, and in all over Kanto district, we are an interior decorative company(contractor) taking charge of【Interior decorative construction work(LGS work and board work) 】generally・《Recovery and restoration construction work》for you.


Today, we are explaining a construction work site example of,


only a part of new increased tenant「LGS work・board work」at a train station premise.


Incidentally, our company is corresponding to your various interior decorative construction work requests of large sized commercial facility, big housing apartment construction work and so on.


Please talk with us anything on LGS work・board work!


Construction work details this time


Construction work kind: New decorative work(LGS work・board work)

Construction work site location: a part of block area, 1-chome, Marunouchi, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo

Construction work period: From 2021 up to now

Construction work contents:

Upon the request of the contractor, we executed construction work of ceiling LGS work and board work.

The contents of LGS work are, ceiling LGS bedding assembly, clipped ceiling LGS bedding assembly, folded up ceiling LGS bedding assembly.


We also strengthen LGS hanging source.

We strengthen open hole where to open at the ceiling.

After that, we stick calcium silicate board at the ceiling, and stick plaster board.

Then, we execute ceiling changeoff edge construction work, and install inspection hole where we strengthened open hole. (※「changeoff edge」is a kind of component material installed touching different kind of part at the ceiling, wall and so on. )


We install inspection hole where to have strengthened open hole.

We also strengthen external corner.


We are introducing the construction work site pictures.


1.Ceiling duct work



①In order to protect around duct, we execute LGS work.




②After LGS work around duct.



2.Executing LGS work at the complicated ceiling.



LGS work at the ceiling on the way.



Completed LGS work at the ceiling.





3.After LGS work, we mark open hole place.


①LGS work.


②We mark blue tape at the open hole place.




4.Materials at the inspection hole place.

Already cut gypsum board as the inspection hole size.



5.Tenant construction work.


①LGS work at the ceiling.



②After executing LGS work at the ceiling.



②Board work at the ceiling.


The content of ceiling board work is, sticking calcium silicate board at the wet area and kitchen, and sticking gypsum board at the other places.

(White boards in the above pictures are calcium silicate board.)



6.Tenant construction work


①Executing LGS work at the ceiling



②Board work at the ceiling.








That is all for our construction work pictures.


This time, we executed B type construction work(LGS work・board work) at a shopping and dining area in the train station.


We are widely corresponding to total interior decorative constructing work, LGS work, various kinds of board work, and other interior decorative finishing work mainly, including GL(=gypsum lining) work, system ceiling work, and material transportation.

Please give us your relative inquiry light heartedly.



From price quotation up to construction work completion, our company is directly managing and doing construction work by ourselves, so our aim is supplying 「reasonable construction work as much as possible, and high quality, better work service」to our customers.


Please do not hesitate to compare our quotation with other plural possible contractors’, as we welcome your comparing competitive quotations.


「Which construction work contractor should I request? How much is approximate construction work cost? and so on.」



《On office・shop or store(tenant) 》renewal work・redecoration work・repair work(reform work)・recovery and restoration work, small scale repair interior decorative work and so on, please give us your inquiry in the first place light heartedly, as we are waiting for your contact to us.




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