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We are doing construction work of 【Interior decorative finishing work】generally・【Restoration work】based at Ikebukuro, Tokyo, also in all over Kanto area for you.


Today, we are thinking of explaining a construction work example.


This time, we executed construction work of building public corridor and entrance ceiling area.


In the first place, the following pictures are the situation before construction work:

It is a construction work situation at bare ceiling, mounted LGS(=light gauge steel) .


The first material we used this time is Gypton, manufactured by Yoshino Gypsum Co. Ltd., Japan.

There are following merits for using Gypton.

The price is relatively low.

As used screw is inconspicuous, it does not affect appearance.

As wall paper finishing and joint treatment are not necessary, it can be completed work in a short time.

There is sound insulation effect.

As it is an incombustible material, it does not suffer interior decorative restriction of Building Standards Law.

As attic is easy to be visible, it is easy to repair.


The next material is rock wool sound absorption board.

It has merits of high sound absorbing property, and also excels heat insulating property and fire retardant property.

These Gypton and rock wool sound insulation board both are finishing materials sticking on ceiling.

The remaining materials are bedding use gypsum board and parting edge material embedding after finishing work.


Then, let us take a look at construction work situation.

In the first place, we go on executing work of making gypsum board as bedding.

Next, we stick on Gypton and rock wool sound absorbing board for finishing materials.

We go on embedding parting edge material at the edge gap place after finished sticking on.

We have finished working neatly.


The construction work period here this time is a day.

If you consult our company for the relative work, we will surely answer for responding any kind of interior decorative construction work.

Please also ask for your requiring work period.


That is all for our explanation today.


From price quotation to construction finishing work, our company is directly managing and doing construction work by ourselves, So we are supplying 「more reasonable and low at price, high quality and good products」 to you.


Please feel free to compare our quotation price with other plural offer prices.

We welcome your comparing our price quotation with others.

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