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We are doing construction of「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」for you, mainly at Ikebukuro area, and also in all over Kanto area.


It is continuing unstable weather these days, isn’t it?


Today, we are doing LGS(=light gauge steel) work and board work for our tenant customer.


What is LGS?

It is an abbreviation of Light Gauge Steel or Light Gauge Stud.

Its meaning is a kind of steel of light gauge specification.

LGS is a general name whose meaning is「wall」for tenant interior finishing work and the like.

Just like skeleton wall(=indispensable wall for building structure), as we often glue cloth paper on the surface, it originally looks existing wall characteristically.

Now, we are going to explain as follows:

LGS work:

As our preparation beforehand, along the layout drawing(partition line), we do the marking work (marking at floor and ceiling) . Here, we carry out the final subtle adjustment work or so forth, then mount them at floor and ceiling with LGS material.

This mounting work is called 「LGS work」.

Plainly speaking, its meaning is the pillar mounting work up to ceiling with LGS.

In the past days, carpenters used to mount framework with wood material, however as this method is not good for preventing humidity or bad insect, and its material cost is also high, so LGS is popular these days.

※Steel thickness of LGS is 5mm, very thin and light material.


Board work:

After mounting framework, then we go on glueing gypsum board(PB, also called plaster board).

For sound insulating and preventing dew condensation purpose, we can also place heat insulating material (glass wool) inside.

Finally, in order to get rid of joint of the board visually, we neaten putty evenly.

If the backing is not well, the wall paper is not fixed well, so the finishing situation is not good, so we are working carefully enough.


We are very glad that LGS wall surface material is abundant after all.

Using calm and woodie appearance, or using drastic colors, or glueing tile or so on.

As it can be freely designed, so our company staff are using LGS at a lot of work site every day.


That is all for today.


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