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What is putty treatment? Why it is necessary to do it?


Putty treatment in interior decorative construction work, is said to be a work operation of going on to putty up paste form overlaying or cladding material=putty, and flatten 凹凸, in order to get rid of surface 凹凸, after sticking base material such as gypsum board or so.


There are various sizes of board materials. In the case of gypsum board, the standard size is length × width as 910mm×1820mm.



Edge of this board size is a little angular. Even if sticked tightly, the joint part is becoming rather 凹凸.
(Occurring 凹凸 situation is called「 occurring unflat」.)



Gypsum board image picture.
Quoted from: Yoshino Gypsum Co. Ltd., official product web page.





After sticking gypsum board, prior to putty treatment situation. Showing here that there is凹凸 at the joint part and screw fixing place.




At the first coating material, we go on doing screw fixing (fixing board use screw by electric driver) basically. In order to prevent from occurring 凹凸 here too, we also treat to embed putty from the board material.


But, only with that treatment, we still cannot say that the surface is flat. If we do not go on making all of the sticked boards into a sheet of board, after painting and executing construction work of so-called decorative cloth (wall  paper), it may lead to occurring wrinkle or floating. Chances are that it may lead to happen peeling of so-called decorative cloth or crack thereafter.


Therefore, a work process of formulating paste form or powder putty agent, and applying wall, and flattening the surface is becoming indispensable.



Putty treatment construction work method


Puttying is done twice, or three times dividedly.

In the case of twice, they are called ①under putty, ②finish putty(on putty).
In the case of three times, they are called under putty, mid under putty, on putty, or so forth.

By using flat wide stainless spatula called「 putty spatula」, we go on applying putty agent on the board which was prepared for putty board.



At the joint part, we stick a kind of tape called joint tape tightly so as not to be peeled off.


Then, we go on applying under putty on that. (In the case of pasteless type, after applying putty, we go on sticking tape.)


We apply finish putty (on putty) as if covering tape. After drying it, we rub with sand paper, and flatten it, then wipe off occurred powder.


At the outer edge part, we attach corner reinforcing tape or called corner guard, not joint tape, then duly execute construction work in the same manner.


We go on puttying at the screw fixing part too, filing similarly and flattening it. When filing, in order not to hurt the board material, we go on finishing politely and speedily.


In any event, operation work of making sticked first coating materials into as if a sheet of flat board is putty work operation.


As it will affect finished situation of painting and so-called decorative cloth very much, although it is not visible after construction work, we can say that it is a very important work process.






Construction work site example at our company


We are briefly explaining construction work site example at our company as follows.


As it is the work site of introducing『 laminated plastic sheetin our terminology series last time too.
We are briefly explaining construction work situation of executing putty at the board material.


Before executing construction work, and on the way



This is just after starting putty construction work operation. Situation before construction work is vivid behind too.





After construction work


This is after construction work of former above picture. Not to occur unevenness, puttying and filing have completed.





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