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We are doing construction finishing work of 「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」mainly at Ikebukuro area, the midpoint and also in all over Kanto area, for you.


Concerning our construction work item at a room of detached single house the other day, as we carried out our work of filling,

Heat isolating material

so, we are explaining this as follows.

At first, the situation of partition wall part is the following picture:



Appearance of filling heat isolating materia


As it is somewhat unusual for our company this time, we accepted an interior finishing work request at a room of wooden detached house.

This heat isolating material is a product of 「Interior paradise」manufactured by Paramount Glass Industry Co.Ltd.,Japan.

Including front side, back side, all the hexagon six faces are packed with polyethylene film, and the product has a good workability.



If you touch glass wool directly, it feels prickly. So, for preventing this feeling, and also for enhancing dampproofness, some of the product is packed with film. This product is such type.


If you use this type, the workability is better. By stopping the ear part with stapler, the airtightness will be enhanced.


Next, at the ceiling area and the area which touches outside wall, we use the same paramount glass Industry product「Soful」.

Product page



Filling heat insulation material 2


This is so called high performance glass wool.

Comparing with the same thickness normal product, as this fiber kind is fine and the air space is large, it can provide better thermal insulation performance.


As the ear (=film part) is also made long enough, it seems that it is easy to double stick, airtightness is enhanced, and workability is also good.


At this site, we are going to stick on PB(gypsum plaster board) , and move on to patty processing.


That is all for our explanation this time.


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Hello! We are Kikuchi Souken Company Limited.

Our company is doing construction of「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」in all over Kanto area for you.


Today, we are glad to announce to you that our office just moved to the new location.

The new location address is, 4th floor, Musashiya No.3 Building, 62-10, 2-chome, Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo.

However, our headquarters location is still former old address.


Then, let us introduce our new office to you.

As it is our own construction result, there are some preferences in various points, so we designed accordingly.


In the first place, it is our entrance.

We use the wall paper of our entrance, which is made by SINCOL, to show the charming points in 47 prefectures in Japan.

Firstly, it is Nara prefecture. The wood kind is Sycamore.

The divine messenger, deer is loved by people as the natural monument.

From the old era, wild deer have been also protected cautiously in Nara.

The wood choice is just like lovely charming fur deer.


Next, let us introduce our President’s room.

As a Japanese style, we have chosen cherry on the floor, and chosen Osaka prefecture on the wall paper.


The next room we introduce to you is specially designed.

In the discussion and meeting room, we have picked up various prefectures, and imagine mountains.



If you enter our new office from the entrance, the nearest wall paper is the image of Wakayama prefecture.

The design is imagined by worshippers takin a walk at the divine worshipping road.

The wall paper of the discussion and meeting room, the image is Tottori prefecture.

The design image is sand formative art which changes the appearance every second.

The image of niche opening is Akita prefecture.

The image design is shining ear of rice plant which is floating heavily at night darkness.

As for clipped wall, we selected Shiga prefecture.

The design image is the domestic largest motherly lake for the size and abundance.

On our lucky charm red Mt.Fuji drawing, we placed Shinto altar.

As for clipped wall, it is Tottori prefecture, the image is cloud.


We well designed, so that the entrance angel brings good match.


Our office image is, Simple is the best, so we placed desks based on white wall paper and woodie.

That is all for our new office introduction.

We sincerely welcome your next coming.




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From price offer to construction finishing, our company is directly managing by ourselves, omitting our needles cost in-between. So we are supplying more reasonable and better products to you.

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As we are confident, we welcome your comparing our offer price with others.

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We are your office restoration and interior finishing company in Ikebukuro.

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