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This time, we are thinking of roughly explaining,


Inspection hole, and its installation construction work, which comes to be related to interior decorative construction work, and its facility work.


What is inspection hole? And on its role.


Inspection hole is, by executing construction・installing at the ceiling, wall, floor and so on, you will be able to check and diagnose・examine inside situations.


As we will below-mention it, however, according to what to be「watched・checked」inside, it is executed construction・installation at various places.


Places where inspection hole is installed.




Situation of general ceiling inspection hole.



Inspection hole installed at the ceiling, is called「ceiling inspection hole」just as it is.

According to various checking items, there are a lot of plural places existing on the same floor too.


According to manufacturers, there are such products named as「ceiling hatch」「high hatch」and so on. Hatch=moving up and down way, entrance hole with lid.


Main inspection items are:


  • ●Electricity, internet wiring.
  • ●Ventilating fan duct.
  • ●Housing diagnosis.

and so on.


However, as for interior decorative construction work, if stain of water leakage at the ceiling due to rain leakage should be found, situations are checked from inspection hole too. Or, inspection hole may be tentatively newly installed, and may be checked inside.


As for residence which has attic storage, there is such kind of ladder for moving up and down at attic, a ladder when it opens, it will come to be pushed out as open hole part too.


Above these can be also said a kind of inspection hole, as the meaning of attic inspection.


In old Japanese style residence, chances are that there is not inspection hole often.  Such residence at upper part of closet storage or a sheet of board at storage space above closet can be pushed and removed. From there, inspection and diagnosis can be carried out.




There are not many places which is attached to wall inspection hole.

In many cases, it is installed inside housing apartment, unit bath, or washroom.


Its main inspection item is,


Piping arrangement (water supply and drainage equipment)


Underfloor inspection hole


An example of underfloor inspection hole, and underfloor storage.



Underfloor inspection hole can be often noticed at the kitchen, and it is often combined with underfloor storage too.


Its main inspection items are,


  • ●Underfloor piping arrangement(water supply and drainage)
  • ●Residence diagnosis(Basic situation, grasping termite and ant damage situation, humidity and so on)


As this, inspection hole inside is usually not noticed very much.

Naturally, by checking inside, various situations in the building can be grasped.

So, in building maintenance work operation, it is an indispensable equipment.


As we explained above, it is equipped in various places, so all of them are necessary open holes.


Regarding temporary installed inspection hole, its procedures.


As we explained ceiling inspection hole above, if rain leakage should occur at the ceiling, or if electric wiring should be newly done in the existing building or so, there is an occasion of executing construction work and installing temporary installation of inspection hole.


We are roughly explaining its procedures.


This time, we are explain by taking up an example of「inspection hole installation for water leakage」.


① Selecting open hole place, and width.


Checking rain leakage at the ceiling with eyes. In the first place, checking if the location of water supply and drainage pipe can be noticed from existing inspection hole.


If the situation can be grasped from already installed inspection hole, it is not necessary to newly install inspection hole.


Check the situation of water supply and drainage pipe from already installed inspection hole first. If it is judged that its cause or problematic place cannot be confirmed or cannot be confirmed from that location, then, we will prepare to install temporary installation of inspection hole at a suitable place.


② Studying temporary installation of inspection hole place(testing, marking)


If identification of the cause or grasping the situation could not be done by above ①, then, we go on selecting a place for temporary installation of inspection hole.


At closely connected structure building body part, if it should be opened, then, its strength may be going down. While, if the cause identification or grasping situation from opened place cannot be done, then, there is going to be meaningless of opening it.

Therefore, we shall study where to open hole carefully.




As a reference, we have prepared a situation picture inside the ceiling clearly as above. In this picture, as reinforcement of earthquake is done more, bedding material is dense.  By and large, LGS(=light gauge steel) bedding is mounted square-shaped as this. Wiring, piping, and duct are stretched around at the roof space.




As it is off the subject, however, in order to open inspection hole without hurting bedding material, we sometimes use board cutter too.



Above is Makita Co. product board cutter reference picture. It can be eventually cut off by letting blade at picture upper part push against board material, slowly going on to move blade just as drawing a line, then cutting it off. Picture quoted from Makita Co. official web page.


Above is Makita Co. product board cutter reference picture.

It can be eventually cut off by letting blade at picture upper part push against board material, slowly going on to move blade just as drawing a line, then cutting it off.

Picture quoted from Makita Co. official web page.


By pushing blade against board material at upper part, slowly going on by moving it, then you will be able to cut it off just as saw.


It is possible to adjust blade length, and only cut off board material without hurting bedding material. Transparent area at the right part of the picture is dust box, so it can reduce powder dust.


As we may have averted from our explanation a little, when opening hole after all, in order not to hurt bedding material, by using needle for searching bedding or a tool called sensor, then  we cut off board material.


③ Cutting off board material, then opening hole. After that, depending on circumstances, strengthening opened inspection hole, and installing inspection hole frame, then it is finish of the installation.


Checking the size in advance, and do marking so as to fit the inspection hole, then going on opening hole.


As for hollowed out board material, if it does not have hurt, it can be used as the lid as it is. So, we shall store it where it is easy to be located, not to throw it away.


A general ceiling inspection hole reference picture. Quoted from Monotaro product page. The product name is『DAIKEN ceiling inspection hole (standard type)』



When opening hole, it will definitely come to require to cut off a piece of joist.

So, we shall do work operation of strengthening opened hole in order to recover strength at the cut off part.


After finish strengthening opened hole, finally, we attach outer frame to the opened hole place, and attach hollowed out board material to the inner frame. Then, we fix both with metal fitting. If we can confirm smooth opening and closing, the installation work is thus finished.


It seems that there may not be enough chance to look at it carefully, however, in our abovementioned explanation, as there is「standard type」, there are various materials・kinds of inspection hole too.


There is an inconspicuous type of it too. So, if you would like to install for regular checking, not for temporarily, we would like to suggest you to tell us of that effect.


We so far have explained inspection hole installation above with a little bit redundancy.


Explaining construction work example including inspection hole installation.


As we previously executed construction work of interior decorative bedding at a food court tenant of commercial facility, we are explaining that situation as below.


As it is a large scale renovation, we re-sticked each place of LGS (=light gauge steel) bedding and board material too.







We so far explained What is inspection hole? And the role of installation construction work.


  • ●Inspection hole is, installed at the ceiling, wall, and floor. It can be carried out for grasping  building various situation, and diagnosis.
  • ●Ceiling inspection hole is, enable us to find out appropriate place at first, partly cutting board material and bedding material, opening hole, then installing it.
  • ●It can fit various ceiling, there are many kinds.


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