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Variety goods store│new decorative construction work at a commercial facility tenant

We are explaining this time is, a construction work site at a tenant of commercial facility in Ikebukuro.


The contents of new decorative construction work is, a construction work for variety goods store.

In the event of opening a variety goods store, we will execute design interior decorative work whose level does not spoil the image of selling variety goods. We hear that this variety goods store describes an image of luxurious tropical country.


Then, we are simply explaining flows from construction work request to construction work start.




<Flowing of variety goods store interior decorative construction work >

  • ・Considering the image of variety goods store interior decorative image, based on its concept.
  • ・Making simple layout chart from its image.
  • ・Requesting quotation to interior decorative work contractors.
  • ・Asking the possible interior decorative work contractors to make the drawing, with reference to the layout chart.
  • ・If you agree on the construction work details・price, then requesting the actual construction work to the contractor.
  • ・Starting interior decorative construction work(commencement of work).
  • ・Final checking prior to construction work completion.


Above is a simple flowing of variety goods store interior decorative construction work.




Variety goods store│new decorative construction work│content details


Construction work kind: new decorative work (tenant work)

Construction work site: second floor at Tobu Department store, 1-25, 1-chome, Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo


Construction work content details:


Succeeding the former tenant as the former decorative furnished situation, we strip existing so-called decorative cloth and board. We executed LGS(=light gauge steel) work, board finishing work, hole filling work operation by adjusting ceiling light lighting quantum, doing putty treatment work operation, fitting fixture (frame) work operation, sticking so-caller decorative cloth, and so on.

We briefly treat work where to be able to succeed as it is.


We are explaining work details together with construction work site pictures as follows.


We strip so-called decorative cloth sticked on the existing wall.





As we will use the existing wall, we write down a draft where to open a hole, and open a rectangle hole precisely.



LGS work

LGS work is, a kind of construction work of installing ceiling and floor bedding material, in order to divide space, at the office・shop or store・commercial facility and so on. We use thin steel made material.

As it is different from wooden material, it is durable against water and humidity. Therefore, as it is free from worrying about burning down too, it is often used at the present interior decorative work site.

Its construction work place can be mainly pointed out to be, ceiling and wall framework or structure. This time, it is used to divide space.


Features of LGS are,


  • 【It can satisfy fireproof standard, comparing with wood.】
  • 【It can shorten construction work period.】
  • 【Its construction work unit price is low.】and so on.


There are variousof merits, so it is becoming a mainstream for the present interior decorative construction work.




We use LGS to divide the space.




Board finishing construction work

Board work is, a kind of so-called decorative cloth bedding work at the ceiling and wall.

Specifically, it is an execution work of going on sticking gypsum board(plaster board) on the wall and ceiling.


Gypsum board used for bedding is assumed as a role such as,

  • 【Thermal insulation】
  • 【Sound isolation】
  • 【Fire resisting】


Depending on execution method, there are wide varieties of functions and kinds of (double sticking and the like).

On board, please refer to our following site page article.

[Interior decorative work━board work] On gypsum board, explaining again.








Fixture work

Fixture work is, a kind of construction work to fit partition to be able to open and close at the construction open part.

It is mainly used as wall door and window.

As the usage of executing fixture work, there are purposes and usages of entrance, air vent, lighting, sound insulation, crime prevention and so on. Various types of fixtures are installed.

The following construction work picture is under curing after fitting fixture.

We are well protecting not to let materials scatter or not to let tools touch to make dirty or damage during work operation.

Please visit here as reference → curing materials



After fitting fixture to the door.



Under construction work of curing material.




We fill hole vacancy work operation to reduce lightings which the former tenant used.


Because of the store design, some of the existing lightings are used as they are. In order to reduce light quantum, we take off certain lighting equipment, and cut board to match the size of former lighting equipment hole. Then, we fill the board to hammer screw into framework.






After finishing all the place of board work(bedding) process, we do putty treatment at the board gap.-

If we would not carry out putty treatment here, we could not stick so-called decorative cloth (wall paper) neatly.

After embedding the gap, we go on moving to work operation of sticking so-called decorative cloth.

Above these are all of the construction work site pictures this time.

On putty treatment, please refer here.

[Interior decorative construction work  Term series] On putty treatment.







This time, we explained a construction work example of variety goods store as above.


By executing construction work with properly using former tenant decorative furnished situation, it is possible to reduce construction work cost markedly too, by succeeding usable places as they are, and by getting rid of where is not used.


If you are considering to request interior decorative work with a property of former partly usable decorative furnished situation, please be sure to talk with us light heartedly by all means.






From price quotation up to construction work completion, our company is directly managing and doing construction work by ourselves, so our aim is supplying 「reasonable construction work as much as possible, and high quality, better work service」to our customers.


Please do not hesitate to compare our quotation with other plural possible contractors’, as we welcome your comparing competitive quotations.


「Which construction work contractor should I request? How much is approximate construction work cost? and so on.」



《On office・shop or store(tenant) 》renewal work・redecoration work・repair work(reform work)・recovery and restoration work, small scale repair interior decorative work and so on, please give us your inquiry in the first place light heartedly, as we are waiting for your contact to us.




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