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This time, we are roughly explaining hat joint construction work.


It is the latest version article which we also introduced before.


Hat joint construction work



As many of you probably wonder what on earth is hat joint?
So, we are briefly explaining it in this article at first.


If you do not need to read that explanation, and would like to see our construction work situation, then please directly visit and see the subtitle of「Hat joint construction work situation」below.



In the first place, What is joint?


Firstly, besides gypsum board which we are explaining this time, joint is pointed to be a gap arising between construction materials such as tile, stone materials and so on.


You may possibly have seen「 cauking 」was done between bricks at that mesh patterned joint between bricks and in the toilet or wet area.



As we above-mentioned, depending on materials, joint is cauked, is thrusted and filled with putty and so on, or joint materials such as joiner is embedded.


The work, Joiner seems to have the nuance of「 tying thing」.



The reason why we treat joint.


The reason why we treat joint varies a lot depending on the places and part materials. The biggest and main reason and role can be probably said「 Cutting the edge, and preventing each material from interfering and wearing. 」



Depending on the temperature and humidity, there is a possibility of materials occurring shrinking, crooking and so on.


Furthermore, because of external factors such as earthquake and so on, materials may also occur to be pushed out or pulled in toward all the direction.


Therefore, by taking joint a little widely or so, chances are that it is often executed constructing work to be able to buffered。

As for other purpose, there is an addition of decorativeness.


The joiner which we are introducing this time is a kind of joint material(changeoff material) 「which can make joint to finish with a certain interval」.

By inserting and sticking joint, there is a merit of preventing it from interfering materials each other, while making materials appear neatly.


There are various kinds of joiners. Comparing with the case of simply embedding calking, it can make a good joint in appearance.


Component materials used at different finishing places each other such as joiners, or component materials to be used at constructing different direction parts crossed such as ceiling and wall part are called 「changeoff material」.


We may be also going to introduce other changeoff materials later.



Hat joint construction work situation


Our introductory remark may have been long so far, however, we are explaining the situations of hat joint construction work site at a certain office warehouse from here.




Actually just under executing joiner situation.
In order to execute joiner, the joint is taken out rather largely than vertical direction boards’ joint each other.




Because the picture is taken as slightly going down, it may not be very clear, please pay close attention to the worker’s hand.


Rather larger joint than usually was being made in the horizontal direction. We are going to insert 「hat joiner 」in this gap.


As the joint cross section looks like silk hat, it is called hat joiner.


The purpose of inserting joiner this time is「Upper part by painting, and lower part by so- called decorative cross finishing, cutting the edge is recommended.」.


As above-mentioned, in the case of mutual materials, especially in the case that the material and the finishing or so are different, we can say that「cutting the edge」construction work is indispensable.


By cutting the edge, we can reduce what to affect painting or sticking so-called decorative cloth for external factors such as humidity, earthquake and so on.


In this connection, hat joiner is also used for outside wall part joint, besides interior decoration.

(The joiner for outside wall use is different from that of interior decorative use on size and material very much. )







Hat joiner close-up picture(As we lost the original picture data, the company logo is the former one, sorry!)






When embedding joiner, we go on sticking at the back side of joiner with glue.


At this time, in order not to leave too much glue, and in order to be able to stick firmly, we carefully go on executing construction work.


If leaving too much thickness, when finishing putty treatment, it is getting hard to flatten it, and it will take time for adjusting it.


Because it is going to be hard to adjust it by work operation as time goes on, the first step is crucial.






Finish gluing hat joiner situation.
After this, we do patty treatment again. We go on adjusting the bedding to flatten gypsum board surface.




The direct above picture is the situation of already finish gluing hat joiner generally.


After this, same as the mutual gypsum boards joint and the screw fixing place, we do putty treatment. After that, when sticking so-called decorative cloth and painting, we adjust not to arise floating or 凹, and we actually transfer the work site to the following painting・sticking so-called decorative cloth construction work process, then our work is finished.







We so far roughly explained hat joint construction work about the joint construction work itself, and the actual construction work situation as above.


As this time, in the case of different finishing at the upper part and lower part or so, 「cutting the edge 」of joiner and executing construction work of changeoff material happen to be often.


Upon your request, it is certainly possible for us to execute the relative construction work.


Besides, if you happen to have questions・counselling and so on such as「At the place like this, how should I request construction work?」, please be sure to talk with us light heartedly.


It is possible for us to answer for the . whole process, and part of the process construction work too. So, we are waiting for your relative inquiry.









From price quotation up to construction work completion, our company is directly managing and doing construction work by ourselves. Our aim is supplying 「reasonable construction work as much as possible, and high quality, better work service」to our customers.


As construction work cost often differs very much according to work contractors, so we recommend you to compare plural quotation prices.


Comparing our quotation with others, please be sure to consider your order to us.


On 《office・shop or store(tenant)》 renewal work・redecoration work(reform work)・recovery and restoration work, we are glad to receive your construction work request from partly mending and repair work to full set of interior decorative work.

Please give us your inquiry light heartedly in the first place, as we are heartily waiting for your contact to us.







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Concerning our construction work item at a room of detached single house the other day, as we carried out our work of filling,

Heat isolating material

so, we are explaining this as follows.

At first, the situation of partition wall part is the following picture:



Appearance of filling heat isolating materia


As it is somewhat unusual for our company this time, we accepted an interior finishing work request at a room of wooden detached house.

This heat isolating material is a product of 「Interior paradise」manufactured by Paramount Glass Industry Co.Ltd.,Japan.

Including front side, back side, all the hexagon six faces are packed with polyethylene film, and the product has a good workability.



If you touch glass wool directly, it feels prickly. So, for preventing this feeling, and also for enhancing dampproofness, some of the product is packed with film. This product is such type.


If you use this type, the workability is better. By stopping the ear part with stapler, the airtightness will be enhanced.


Next, at the ceiling area and the area which touches outside wall, we use the same paramount glass Industry product「Soful」.

Product page



Filling heat insulation material 2


This is so called high performance glass wool.

Comparing with the same thickness normal product, as this fiber kind is fine and the air space is large, it can provide better thermal insulation performance.


As the ear (=film part) is also made long enough, it seems that it is easy to double stick, airtightness is enhanced, and workability is also good.


At this site, we are going to stick on PB(gypsum plaster board) , and move on to patty processing.


That is all for our explanation this time.


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Today, we are explaining an example of office construction.

It is window side construction work.

We inconspicuously glue the board(the first board) on LGS(=light gauge steel), then glue another board(the second board) on it.


In the first place, the below is the picture before our work. It is the situation of mounting LGS.

Next, the below is the picture of the first board(inconspicuous glueing of PB(=plaster board)).

The below picture of the second board after the finishing work situation.

We also did the work of opening the hole of inspection door at the same time.

After attaching the lower part of window side, the next work is the LGS mounting at the pillar part.

After mounting LGS, the next work is glueing the first board. Opening the hole at the plug position, then glue the board.

The below is the picture after glueing the work, the second finishing board glueing after processing the corner, then finally finish the work.

When doing window side work, there is a sequence. From the bottom low part mounting to the upper part pillar mounting .


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