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We are doing construction finishing work of 「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」mainly at Ikebukuro area, the midpoint and also in all over Kanto area, for you.


Starting from this time, we are explaining some kinds of wall papers, manufactured by Sincol Co. Ltd., Japan, whose products we are using at the meeting room with reception room, the president room, entrance and other areas of our company office.


This time, it is Hiroshima prefecture. Actually, we were wondering which prefecture shall we select this time. As the last time of Yamagata prefecture was red-colored, this time we would like to select and explain different type which catched our eye.




The warm weather of Setouchi area, the specialty of lemon, and the image of sea all combined with tendency of bright cheerful energetic color is impressive. As the impression is fresh and summerly, it also seems good for those who are fond of summer.


Oysters will be soon in season. As we checked, it seems that the actual season for edible fresh and raw oysters at present is from November up to next March only(in the case of Hiroshima cultured oysters). If they are with shells, when heated, it seems that they are edible and circulated for a whole year. As it seems that the technic is already developed also for eating raw oysters in summer, it is also edible raw in summer. The remaining problem seems to be the regulation only. They may be going to be edible a whole year in a few years.


So called the welcoming face of Miyajima, deers are welcoming you.


The picture above is one of them taken by our managing director. It is cloudy weather. However, as the picture is taken around June, it seems it was a comfortable season to spend, wasn’t it? As we obtained a lot of other relative pictures and comments, we would like to upload them in this website later again. As it seems that he visited a Buddhist temple and a mountain, so we will introduce the details later.



Itsukushima shrine at Miyajima is also famous. We checked the reason why there is no tomb in the island. It seems the reason is because the whole island is considered to be a Buddhism religious area. In addition, the island itself is also considered to be a god body of female god as an influence.




Shimanami sea route, which connects Hiroshima and Ehime, is also seems to be considered a holy place of cycling, coming to be highly valued in the world. One of the reasons may be recently due to the popularity enhancement of high quality bicycles such as road bike and cross bike. Bicycle related services and events seem to be enriched. These days, it is not easy to move freely around Japan nation wide yet. However, if you live near the places, but have never been there, how about visiting these places on this occasion?


There may be rental bicycle business going on. So in the course of sightseeing, with a little touring looking around the islands may also be interesting.


There may be a kind of service corresponding to the troubles such as disability of continuing cycling or stop due to health problem or so on the way, Specifically, this service seems to be sending the bicycle to your home. To backwards, there may be a service of sending bicycles from home to the destination. If you are concerned about this, please check the price and where to send to the detailed area in advance by yourself.


The typical companies whose head office located in Hiroshima are Mazda, Tsuruha group, Maurten, and others, which are possibly popular and may be world famous. The first opened store of UNIQLO seems to be located in Hiroshima(It was closed already).


Takehara city in Hiroshima prefecture seems to be the city where Mr Masataka Taketsuru was born, who is a model of NHK previous daily drama 「MASSAN」. He is very famous for producing the earliest Japanese whisky and is called the father of Japanese whisky. He is known as introducing from abroad whisky brewage method as the base of Japanese whisky.

Recently, some Japanese whisky producers have received good reputation, becoming one of the five big producing countries. Comparing with scotch(at least three-year ripening period is one of the necessities), Canadian, American whisky, the standard of Japanese whisky is still loose. However, it seems that the spirit of Japan brand liquor production particular about quality has been taken over until nowadays.


Through our further check, there is a cocktail called 「cowboy」which is bourbon whisky mixed with milk. If drinking at home, the recommendable brands are standard bourbon whisky such as Four Roses or Early Times or others. If there is an occasion, we would like to try it. Not mixing bourbon, but mixing scotch whisky, there may be another kind of cocktail called 「whisky milked punch」.


As Takehara city itself has also been selected as 【Important traditional buildings preservation district】, the streets are beautiful. It seems that a Japanese movie, 「A girl running through times」, was where it was partly filmed in this city(Most of the filming was in Onomichi city.).  As Onomichi local soup noodles, Onomichi noodle is also famous. However, according to shops, the characters are all different. There are a lot of materials as chicken bones, pig bones, vegetables, seaweed, and others, which are various soup base materials. Furthermore, using or not using special lard and so on, there may not exist a typical Onomichi noodles(Pig bone soup for Hakata noodles, miso soup for Hokkaido noodles, and others ).




Source of quote: Digipot


When accessing the homepage, as there are variety of wall papers, we think that it may provide referential information of somewhat large-scale interior modification, we have quoted to our company blog.


We will continue to introduce the wall paper series with the motif of Japanese each prefectures.


We may renew our relative website every Wednesday(The schedule may change due to national holidays or so for convenience.).


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