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We are doing construction work in charge of 【Interior decorative finishing work】generally・【Restoration work】 based at Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo, in all over Kanto area, for you.


For the past few years, as we have been having good fate with restaurants, so we have often been executing interior decorative finishing work generally at the kind of property.


Today, we are explaining construction work site of a meat noodle shop, located at Kasuga, Bunkyo ward, Tokyo.

Its construction work period is about a week.

As it is a new construction work property, our work at the shop starts from skeleton situation.


From here, we go on assembling and mounting bedding in the first place.


Bedding work is LGS(=light gauge steel) assembling and mounting work.

While being careful of the ceiling duct, we go on assembling and mounting LGS around.

After Finishing to mount LGS frame work at the ceiling, it is LGS assembling work around wall, counter, and kitchen.

After finishing all LGS work, then it is sticking work of gypsum board.

The order of sticking gypsum board is, we go on construction work at the center of wall in the first place.

Then, after sticking wall to a certain degree, we start to go on sticking ceiling.

We go on executing construction work of sticking goods made of processed board around duct too.


Finally, the following are the situational picture of almost finished sticking board, and two sticking operation work scene pictures.

Above are all for the operation work pictures.

After this, we go on completing work as a meat noodle shop by sticking cloth, conducting and wiring electricity, moving in kitchen and furniture.


It is possible for our company to handle and deal with all of interior decorative finishing work, such as new construction work, restoration work, repair work, and renovation work.


Obtaining plural quotations from capable work contractors, it is possible to consult with us if offered prices are proper.

As there is our original reliable security system or so too, we can also cope with trouble just in case.

As it is possible to relieve your possible uneasiness, and our working at ease, please be sure to consult with us light heartedly.


Then, that is all for our explanation today.


From price quotation to construction finishing work, our company is directly managing and doing construction work by ourselves, So we are supplying 「more reasonable and low at price, with high quality and good products」 to you.


Please feel free to compare our quotation price with other plural offer prices.

We welcome your comparing our price quotation with others.

「Which construction company should I ask for work? How much is approximate work cost? and so on.」

Office renewal・shop or store redecorating・restoration work・reform work(interior decoration work) and so on.

Please feel free to give us your inquiry in the first place, as we are waiting for your contact to us.



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