Steel plate pressure joining paneling construction work

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Hello!We are Kikuchi Souken Company Limited.

We are doing construction of「Interior finishing work」「Interior restoration work」 at Ikebukuro area at the midpoint. for you.


Today, the following pictures are from a construction work site.

We are doing construction of steel plate pressure joining paneling work at our customer A office.

As steel plate is heavy, we do pressure joining method construction work.

The detail of pressure joining paneling is glueing work using strong paste and double sided tape。

As for pressure joining paneling construction work, if it is done only with double sided tape, adhesive level will be weak after aging degradation.

If only paste is used, it does not stick up well and may fall down when without always pressing wall.

If both is used, the strength is enough and it is not easy to peel off.

The point to take care during work is pasting amount. If it is too thick, it may stuck out, level difference is easy to arise.


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From price offer to construction work finishing, our company is directly managing all by ourselves, by omitting agent margin in-between, so we are supplying more reasonable at price, and high quality and better products to you.


As we are confident, we welcome your comparing our offer price with others very much.

Office moving, housing apartment work, interior restoration work, renovation.

「Which construction company should I ask to work?」

「As there are too many questions, what should I ask?」

「How much is the construction cost?」

Besides above also, if you are in relative trouble, please give us your inquiry in the first place.



Your office restoration/interior finishing company in Ikebukuro.

Our address: 〒171-0014  30-10, 4-chome, Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5985-4252


interior finishing work, restoration work, architecture, construction detail

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