New construction work A construction work example Sports facility First part

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Hello, everyone! This is Kikuchi Souken Company Limited website.

Our company office is based at Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo, in all over Kanto area, executing construction work, taking in charge of 《Interior decorative finishing work》generally,《Recovery and restoration work》, for you.


This time, we are explaining a construction work site example of 「TR sports」, located at Fuchuu city, Tokyo, of newly construction.


As TR sports opens a small number keep-fit exercise class, please be sure to visit and look at the home page.



Detailed explanation


Construction work kind:  Newly construction work

Work site location:  Fuchuu city, Tokyo

Building interior decoration: sporting facility

Construction work period: about 12 days

Construction work details: For changing interior decoration layout, we execute LGS (=light gauge steel) bedding work and board finishing work after demolition. Repairing work details this time are wall recovery and gypsum board double sticking construction work method(characterized by excelling in properties of fireproof・fire prevention, sound insulation, dimension stability, processability, and economical efficiency).


Then, we are now thinking of explaining facility construction work details.

Basic rough flowing of interior decorative construction work operation is as follows:

Moving in materials→checking drawing→marking standard line of wall bedding→electrical wiring of air-condition facility→LGS assembling and mounting of ceiling・wall bedding→installing fixture frame in the room→sticking board→double flooring work→final finishing


In the first place, our recovery and restoration work starts from 《vacant skeleton situation》as the below picture.

Starting from this situation, we do work operation of moving in materials and checking drawing.

Then, we do marking work operation.


Based on the drawing, starting from the building standard marking line, we mark the position line of assembling and mounting partition wall bedding, the position of finishing board sticking, opening area and so on.

We do work operation of electrical wiring of air-condition facility.

Together with installing and electrical wiring of air-condition and piping, we do electrical wiring of lighting equipment and others at the ceiling.


We go on assembling and mounting LGS along the ceiling and wall.

We execute LGS bedding at the ceiling earlier.

After that, we go on executing wall and others conforming with the standard line marking.

Next, according to the specification, we fill heat insulating material such as rock wool, glass wool or so on at wall bedding.

We execute sticking work operation of plaster board starting from the area of finish filling heat insulating material.


We would like to explain some know-how of heat insulating material a little here.


As one of the relative materials used this time,


Among fibrous system heat insulating materials, isn’t glass wool the most well-known heat insulating materials?

Its raw material is glass, and it is in cotton form. There are a lot of recyclable waste glass disposed from construction site or domestic home.

Probably for that reason, attention is being paid to as a heat insulating material which is considered for recycling use, for environmental protection and garbage reduction or so.


Inside intertwined fiber, a lot of air is contained in glass wool, and it makes muchair space, then it will further enhance heat insulating property. High quality glass wool further enhances heat insulating effect by produced the fiber more finely containing more air space. By that, it will further enhance heat insulating effect.

In addition, as the raw material is glass, it will also bring good effect preventing from insect affection of white ants or fire outbreak or so.

As for resident of course too, it also often plays a material’s role of building air-condition duct and keeping temperature or cool of drain pipe. As it has sound insulating effect too, it is used as a sound insulating material for music hall and studio.


This sound insulating material is also used at the construction site this time.


This product has merits in function, cost wise and environment too. Among fibrous heat insulating materials, as its demand is the highest, please use this tips as your reference.


Next time, we are explaining up to the construction work completion as the second part.



That is all for our explanation today.

New construction work A construction work example Sports facility Latter part



From price quotation up to construction finishing work completion, our company is directly managing and doing actual construction work by ourselves, So we are supplying 「more reasonable and low at price, with high quality and good products」 to you.


Please feel free to compare our quotation price with other plural offer prices.

We welcome your comparing our price quotation with others.

「Which construction company should I ask for work? How much is approximate work cost? and so on.」

Office renewal・shop or store redecorating・restoration work・reform work(interior decorative work) and so on.

Please feel free to give us your inquiry in the first place light heartedly, as we are waiting for your contact to us.


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