Sunday carpentering and DIY (=Do it yourself)

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Today, we researched 『Sunday carpentering work』.


Don’t you often hear the words of Sunday carpentering?

Recently, it seems that many of you rather call it DIY, don’t you?


The words of Sunday carpentering literally directly mean it. However, it may point out to mean those who have different vocation from carpentering use day-offs or spare time to do wood working.


But, a kind of rather easy and simple wood work called 「Sunday carpentering」past days  later, has become own making work operation generally. The term of 「DIY」is slowly becoming popular, instead of 「Sunday carpentering, then it seems that the abbreviation of 「DIY」has been more often used recently in Japan too.


DIY is an abbreviation of 「Do it yourself」, translated in Japanese it means「Doing actual things by own self!」


Both of Sunday carpentering work and DIY may be often considered the same thing. However, actually the two meanings are a little bit different.


Literally, Sunday carpentering is 「Sunday(That is, day-offs)」not professional persons do carpentering work as a hobby on day-offs.

Shelves or tables are made by wood work too. Making interior or fashion articles which have nothing to do with wood work may also apply to DIY. This kind of making miscellaneous goods or so cannot be called Sunday carpentering, can it?


Doing wood work operation as hobby is called 「Sunday carpentering」, and doing handmade work operation including wood working by own self is called DIY, isn’t it?


Simply speaking, Sunday carpentering and DIY can be hobbies, can’t they?


You can start Sunday carpentering easily if you have imagination, materials(wood) and some tools.

The necessary tools for starting are,


Pencils, ruler (wood conversion), saw(logging), peg and hammer, or wood screw and screwdriver (for assembly).

Wood material and tools can be purchased at a do-it-yourself store.


In order to enhance quality which was already made, or to make rather complex things, a certain level of tools・technic・knowledge(experience) will be necessary.

As for painting, basic knowledge of painting, paint and tools (brush, roller or so), or paint spraying can, and tape or sheet for curing, all will be necessary.


In addition, if it comes to making house or so, then construction・plasterer knowledge・technic・tools will be necessary. If doing up to this level, it has exceeded Sunday carpentering. (Decent laugh!)


As every relative manufactured product is just like so called custom-made item in Sunday carpentering, so material unit cost tends to be high. So, cost reduction is difficult. Furthermore, in every scene, introducing new tool, additional buying of consuming items, purchasing various measuring instruments and so on also often needs additional investing. For this reason, just only for one time item, only for pricewise as it may be better to settle by purchasing mass produced products than Sunday carpentering. In that way, probably you can save cost by a lot of times.


Our company is a professional interior decorative finishing company. However, we sometimes make dog(family) house or so as a hobby too.


If a professional like us shall put our whole heart to the work, it really is tip-topl!


That is all for our explanation today.



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