《Construction work example》Partition work of interior decorative construction work prior to opening of new tenant at Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture(Remedial work)

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Construction work example this time is a partition work and ceiling remedial work at an amusement facility tenant of shopping mall prior to its new opening.


We also execute construction of tentatively constructed partition work together this time.


Tentatively constructed partition work generally is, a simple wall used for partitioning divisions to execute recovery and repair work・renovative decorative work and so on in the room.


Even if you just say tentatively constructed partition, required size and shape are various according to each work site situation.


We use gypsum board this time, however, metal panel and various materials are used for tentatively constructed partition.


Then, the following is work details this time.


Construction work kind: new decorative work (together with partition wall work and ceiling mending and repair work)

Construction work period: about a week

Construction work site: a tenant at the large shopping center at Sagami-Ohno, Minami ward, Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture



Construction work details:

We execute bedding construction work at the place of newly making wall(partition) by LGS (=light gauge steel), and enforce open hole where to embed fixture.

As we were requested to execute ranma(Japanese style fanlight fixture around ceiling) partly, we do that.

We remend and repair existing LGS and wall, and after that, we newly stick gypsum board.


At the existing wall surface, after executing PB (plaster board) mending and repair, we execute additional sticking.

At the existing downlight and open hole part where inspection hole was removed on the wall, we embed (remend and repair) gypsum board.


At the external corner, we execute reinforcing work operation, we pass the work site to the following contractor.

We also execute demolition work of the tentative constructed partition and recovery and restoration work newly on another day.


Following is a picture at the time of our construction work.




In the first place, it is a construction work at the place here.


After executing LGS construction work, we reinforce the fixture part. After opening ranma at the fanlight, we stick gypsum board on it.







We also reinforce at the external corner.

We embed(mend and repair) gypsum board where inspection hole was removed at the open hole part.






Picture of reinforcing open hole.




We also stick board at the pillar, and reinforce the corner. We cut the board to pass electric wire after sticking gypsum board.


Above are the site pictures when executing construction work this time.






We executed construction of partition work prior to the new tenant opening.

We also executed mending and repair work of wall・ceiling.

How about considering to request construction work by making use of the existing places by all means?

Please talk with us any matter on f LGS work and board work.




As construction cost greatly differs according to each contractor, we recommend you to obtain【plural competitive quotations】.


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