Painting in order to express difference of special preference at restaurants 

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Do you eat out recently?

A few years ago, this sort of topic might not be supposed to pay attention very often. However, probably it seems that due to repeated requests from the government, frequency of your eating out may go down.


Especially, it seems that there may be a lot of restaurants which supply and serve alcohol drinks are repeatedly requested to operate under reduced business time or temporary closing from the government.


It is often considered these days about state of communication.  However, we think that many of you may use coffee shop as a place for light hearted chatting.


Incidentally, today, we will go on explaining construction work pictures on the way at a coffee shop planning soon to be opened.

If you understand where it is at a glance of the above picture, it seems that you may regularly use coffee shop, doesn’t it?


Back in the days, this coffee shop had image of rather bright southern country in its interior. However, a new coffee shop this time is done ageing painting for adult customers, where adults can be relaxed at its atmosphere.


As for the shop interior, as commonly referred to, the image of Japanese Taisho era romance, there is a distinctive feeling of calm and quiet lighting.


In order to make a different atmosphere from the former coffee shop, the following pictures are appearances of ageing painting on the way.

Ageing means a painting method changing to pretend new goods to be aged ones.

As we hear that this coffee shop is also particular in cups and saucers, the shop is collecting cups from all over the world and serves coffee for prior visual enjoyment before having coffee whose appearances are also beautiful, so the cups are worth paying attention.

This construction work is a renewal reincarnation work for a new coffee shop, remaining what can be recycled as much as possible, as to formerly existing coffee shop.



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