Interior restoration work construction (Construction at the site)

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Then, today it is our continuing blog of「Interior restoration work」from yesterday.

About a housing room of the customer B.


Last time, we showed the pictures of our dismantling work before and after.

Red arrow head pointed areas and others, we dismantle all.

Partition walls and others, we swiftly make halls with crowbar.

Very swiftly enough, we dismantled the room. It really is a labor work.

The gypsum boards on the wall, we also use crowbar to strip them.

We do our best not to damage the concrete..

The original form of the wall is diminishing.

We get rid of the ceiling wood sticks.

We save wood frames, pillars and others neatly.

After disposing and tidied up the boards, we go on our next work.

As the floor and wall are concrete, we can move on our next work.

Our next work is glueing the new board.

The work method is GL construction method of plasterboard glueing, requiring highly technical veteran workers.

We welcome your coming next time too.


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Your office location change, your restoration work, your renovation, your tenant work, your housing room work.

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