Construction work site(Outside operation work)(2) 

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We are doing construction work of 『Restoration work』『Interior decorative finishing work』 mainly at 「Ikebukuro」 area, Toshima ward, Tokyo, the midpoint, also in all over


In Kanto area, rainy season just started, didn’t it?

Today, we are continuing our last time explanation at our customer, K factory construction work site.

After finishing LGS(=light gauge steel) operation work around outside roof top machine room, we are going on sticking work of calcium silicate board.


In the first place, in combination with LGS, we process operation work of calcium silicate board.

While processing operation work, we go on sticking on calcium silicate board.

We stick on waterproof seal on joint area.

In order to open joint gap, two of our workers drive bis in for fixing with holding calcium silicate board.

After sticking on calcium silicate board to a certain degree, we also do operation work of embedding joint at the same time.

Embedding operation work is being done neatly.

After finishing the work, finally, we clean up stepping areas, then pass the site on to the customer. It is the end of our work.


That is all for our explanation.


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