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Today, we are explaining air-conditioner cleaning.



Recently, probably because of rainy season, don’t you feel your air-conditioner smells like musty?


Do you clean your air-conditioner on a regular basis?

If you are doing, let alone lengthening life time of the main body, risk of scattered fungal spore and dust in the room can be reduced.

As we stated at our top, the reason for cleaning air-conditioner on earth is for preventing cause of dust staying inside the body, which may lead to arising trouble of air-conditioner.


Air-conditioner inhales air, cools down and heats up inside, then exhales air.

Meanwhile, as it is difficult to inhale air only, so dust in the air inevitably is entangled and inhaled together.

Most of dust is filtered out, but it is impossible to filter out all.

Almost all the cause of air-conditioner trouble arises from inhaled dust staying inside in a lot of troubling cases.


There are two main trouble details:

・Fungi grows inside air-conditioner.

・Working rate of air-conditioner goes down.

As we explained as above, much dust with which air is inhaled together is filtered out.


However, as there is various size of dust, it is impossible to absorb all the dust.


Certain dust which went through filter is accumulated at the bottom of air-conditioner.


Then, it is attached to water in the air-conditioner.

As is not unexpectedly well known, air-conditioner inside has a lot of humidity. Dust cohered with its water adheres fan and the like, or it further goes on accumulated at other machine parts.


Then, further problem is fungus may grow by mediating this dust.

If fungus or spore is discharged with dust to the room, then, it will make the cause of various health damage.


In addition, if too much dust is being collected in filter, when air is discharged in air-conditioner, more output capacity is necessary than usual.

This way, the working rate of air-conditioner goes down, so it will make cost of electricity go up.

Especially, if you should feel that your air-conditioner does not work well enough, it is the timing of cleaning needed.

Air-conditioner cleaning can be basically requested all the seasons throughout a year..

However, the best periods are the following two:




April to May: This period can be said the most recommendable period for requesting. As air-conditioner is not used very much during this period, so few people tend to request air-conditioner cleaning. Therefore, in many cases, the price will become less in this period. Many people tend to request its cleaning after actually starting to use air-conditioner, then may feel it dusty or smell mustiness.

For this reason, the vendors which are in charge of air-conditioner cleaning come under off season.


As it is relatively easy to reserve its work with vendor on desired date and time, so this period can be said to be recommendable.

Because this is off season for this period, there are many vendors which are providing price down service.


September to October: This is our next recommendable period.

This period can be also said the timing when air-cooling was finished using.

As the air-conditioner is being fully operated in summer, the situation is much dust and dirt are being accumulated inside.

In order to be able to use it for heating comfortably in winter, it is advisable to clean up air-conditioner.

Same as April to May period, as this period is the end of vendors’ busy period in summer, so this period turns out to be relatively easy to reserve desired work date and time.

On the contrary, the period to hopefully avoid requesting cleaning as possible is June~August.

The most requests of its cleaning come in this period.

Therefore, even if you think of trying to request its cleaning at this period, the chances are that it may be difficult or impossible to insure desired date and time for cleaning.

In some cases, you may have to wait more than a month.

Moreover, as you cannot turn it on, it is necessary to endure hot during cleaning.

In order to avoid falling into these situations too, we would like to advise you to request its cleaning during off season.

Our company is sometimes requested air-condition cleaning together with office, shop or store interior decorative construction work (repair work, renovation work) too.

If you may soon think of its cleaning, then request us together with construction work, then we are dealing with it.

So, please be sure to consult with us or request us light heartedly.



As for air-condition cleaning, if you request to certain vendors, they will cure without making wall dirty, and clean it safely.

If you would like to consider your health and use air-conditioner cleanly, we recommend you to clean and check it or so regularly.




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