A construction work example Partition construction work Yoga studio

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Hello, everyone! This is Kikuchi Souken Company Limited website.

Our company office is based at Ikebukuro,Toshima ward,Tokyo, executing construction work in charge of 《Interior decorative finishing work》generally and《Recovery and restoration work》, for you.


Today, a construction work site example which we are explaining is,


Partition construction work at a hot yoga studio, located at Nakahara ward, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture.


The work period is about four days, and the construction work detail is, making partition at the resting room.


Partition construction work is, the work of making wall and separating with partition, in order to set up a new room or space in the facility. Partition wall material mainly are steel・aluminum・glass partition or wall sticked board at LGS(=light gauge steel)(※) bedding.


Then, the following are the relative construction work site pictures.


It is LGS mounting bedding. While checking the measurement by drawing, we do marking at the ceiling and floor.

Then, we go on fixing runner parts conforming with the line.



After completed mounting LGS, we go on constructing plaster board (=non-combustible board).


If further required sound insulating property, there are cases of constructing plaster board of different thickness or sound insulating sheet.

Above are the relative construction work site pictures.


As the wall mounted by LGS requires its designability, so it is most often used.

Its sound insulating property is high(steel partition is the similar level too).

As it is made at work site, R(=round shape) wall and uneven wall(niche) can be made too.

You can select its finishing material also from cloth・painting・tile・wood panel and so on variously. So, please be sure to make this as your reference.


Concerning your interior finishing creation, as our company can be widely corresponding from partition wall up to whole renewal.

Please consult with us light heartedly in the first place.


That is all for our explanation today.


From price quotation up to construction finishing work completion, our company is directly managing and doing actual construction work by ourselves, So we are supplying 「more reasonable and low at price, with high quality and good products」 to you.


Please feel free to compare our quotation price with other plural offer prices.

We welcome your comparing our price quotation with others.

「Which construction company should I ask for work? How much is approximate work cost? and so on.」

Office renewal・shop or store redecorating・restoration work・reform work(interior decorative work) and so on.

Please feel free to give us your inquiry in the first place light heartedly, as we are waiting for your contact to us.


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★If you look for interior finishing company, ask for Kikuchi Souken Company Limited.★

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Our address: 〒171-0014 4th floor, Musashiya No.3 Building, 62-10, 2-chome, Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo

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